Rhodes' Royal Huntsman Sir Gauge
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Rhodes' Royal Huntsman Sir Gauge

This boy is a retrieving machine.
Always ready to go, no stop in this dog.

We hunt both waterfowl and upland and Gauge does both very well.

Gauge with his first win

Gauge with his first show win and his prize.

Gauge in the snow

Gauge loves to play in the snow

Ginger and Gauge at Halloween.jpg

Happy Halloween Fall picture of Ginger and Gauge 2009

gauge goose 1.JPG

Gauge retrieving our Goose

gauge goose 2.JPG

Gauge is proud of his Goose

Gauge with a Wood Duck

Gauge With a Wood Duck From our morning hunt

Gauge big stick.jpg

Walk Tall and carry a Big Stick

Gauge big stick2.jpg

Gauge and Gunner swimming at the Field and Stream club July 2011

Gauge with his Phesant

Gauge with his Pheasant from the morning hunt

Gauge 2

Gauge retrieving our Pheasant.

It was a good morning to hunt he was awesome today

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